Half Ironman Training, Week 5

9:52 PM

Work is pretty much insane, I'm tired all the time, and needed to scale back on the workouts due to both. Trying to manage the work/life/training balance is an ongoing struggle.

Monday 12/5: Weights (Max Strength, continued). Had a little pep in my step because Greg got his RN license--let the job hunt commence! Spent some time inside the office because I was still sensitive from the cold wind (sinus headaches, achy teeth, general grumpiness). Hit the weights and increased my leg press to 112 lbs, seated row to 22.5 kg, and standing lat pull down to 17 kg. Continued with core stability. After work, we celebrated Greg's accomplishment with sushi and sake.

Tuesday 12/6: Swim 2000yd total. Easy 450 warm up, long kick sets, and some pulling before some main set fun. 3 rounds of 3x2 min, decreasing distance (100, 75, 50), and 2x3 min decreasing distance (150, 125, 100). Took a nap during lunch because I was STILL recovering from that one.

Wednesday 12/7: Recovery run, 30 min.

Thursday 12/8: OFF. Went in early to work, worked through lunch, stayed late, etc.

Friday 12/9: Aerobic Bike Test Set, 1:00:00 with 5 miles for time. My effort was 17-18 mph. Unfortunately this was a trainer ride on my old road bike, so it was a mental struggle. Weights during my lunch.

Saturday 12/10: Run Test Set, 3 miles for time with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. It hurt and I felt terrible, but it was pretty decent for not being physically capable a few weeks ago. I did some quick math and figured if I came in under 27 minutes, I would be happy.

Sunday 12/11: Swim Test Set. 500 for time after 4x400 descending 1-4. It felt smooth and steady; in retrospect, I could have pushed a little harder.

Swim: 1:48, 4400 yd
Bike: 1 hr indoors
Run: 1:18 8 miles

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