Half Ironman Training Week 4

9:55 PM

Monday 11/28: The first workday after a long weekend? The struggle is REAL.

Gloomy Monday
17-ish minute warm up and weights (1.78 miles, 17:18). Working on Max Strength, so weight is high and reps are lower. Leg press 100 lb, seated row 20kg and standing lat pull down 12.5 kg. Not sure why the weight plates were kg for the upper body stuff, but I'll roll with it. Maintenance on hamstring curl 75 lb and I swapped the prescribed core work for core stability. Shit hurts. Supermans, bird-dog leg and arm extensions on a swiss ball left me hurting waaay more than the weights ever did.

Tuesday 11/29: Swim AM. Main set 2 rounds of 4x200. 2300 yd. total. My interval included 20s rest, so I was aiming for 4:20 and instead came in a little under, probably around 4:10-4:15 ish.
Lunch run, 3 miles. I did not want to do this, either. But I have been trying to be more consistent with running, and it seems to get slightly less difficult each time. My legs are still getting used to this, and I have had to stretch, foam roll, tape my knee on the regular.
My boss treated my IT band a few years ago, and this tape has been the game changer.
Wednesday 11/30: Run. 4 miles, 37:10. The longest run that I've done in a while. Still not convinced that I once ran marathons for FUN, because I'm really hating this.

Thursday 12/1: Swim--Test set 400 yd at 7:37, 200 yd at 3:26, after a warm up and build. New calculated threshold pace of 2:06. It looks initially a little slower than the times that I have been seeing, but it lines up with the longer intervals that I have been doing and the effort feels smooth. 2300 yd total.

Friday 12/2: Weights. Added more core with the swiss ball. Had plans to go to the pool but I had to stay at the office late.

Saturday 12/3: Run, 4 miles easy. Swim 2000 yd total. Felt like doing a lot of drills, easy swimming, followed by some threshold 100s for fun and a nice, easy cool down. I think things are starting to come together a little easier.

Sunday 12/4: OFF. Back to back holiday parties + a sinus headache.

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 3 hours, 6600 yd.
Bike: 0. Sad face.
Run:  12.78 miles

Goals: keep up with swimming and sloooowly adding running mileage because of all my knee problems; add more time on the bike.

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