Half Ironman Training, Week 2

6:09 PM

Week 2: Starting to get back into the swing of things. Surprisingly, the only thing that I feel somewhat comfortable with at this point is swimming. I guess there's a first time for everything!

Monday 11/14: Had my mind set on doing my 5k run for time. Apparently the weather had other plans with 80+  degrees and me fading to a ten minute warm up and a steady one mile at 8:18. I absolutely could not get my legs to move any further!

Tuesday 11/15: Swim practice, AM: warm up was a lot of kicking (definitely on my list of "swim limiters"), drills, head-up swimming (NO), and the main set was 3 rounds of 4x100 with decreasing rest. Felt smooth and steady and held around 2:05-2:10, none of my regular swim partners were there and it was hard to get in the usual rhythm of things. 2000 yd total.

After work, I followed my strength program before heading home: standing lat pull downs, squats, hamstring curl, seated row, core work.

Wednesday 11/16: Run, 30 minutes, 3.2 miles, 9:26/mile pace. My hip was starting to hurt, and it felt like the onset of IT band syndrome (again). I stopped and stretched a lot, and managed to make it back to the office in one piece. Ouch.

Running has been frustrating, to say the least. It was typically my strongest sport in triathlon, but lately I've been putting more into mostly swim and some bike. I know my run fitness will come back with patience and miles, but it's a tough pill to swallow right now. I ended up taping my IT band and knee in the office, and it took away most of the discomfort.

Thursday 11/17: Swim PM. My legs were dead and my hip was killing me, so I took the morning off. Easy bike warm up and weights in the afternoon, and then I headed to the pool that evening. It was cold, dark, and a little later so the pool was mostly empty. It gave me extra incentive to get to work so I could get into the warm shower afterward. Drills, followed by a main set focusing on speed work: 6x100 at a moderate pace, 2:20 interval with :20 rest, 300 moderate, and then a brief cool down. Paces were consistent at 1:53/100 yd. 1700 total.

Friday 11/18: OFF. Work meeting, and a movie date in the evening: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Loved it!

Saturday 11/19: OFF. Spent the day sailing with Greg, his dad, and his brother. Beautiful weather! We haven't been sailing for at least a year, and I had forgotten how nice it is to be on the water (and not in a wetsuit, worried about sharks).
Sunday 11/20: Swim AM: main set of moderate 300's, first round was with a pull buoy and my stroke got so screwed up just from a slight change in body position. With an aching left shoulder, I ditched the buoy. Times were: 6:20 Pull buoy and 6:12, 6:09, 6:09 without. Total: 2200 yd

Bike PM: trainer ride of 1:00:00. 15 min easy, 30 min moderate-hard, 15 min easy. I haven't done a trainer ride in a while, and now I have a little more motivation to purchase cold-weather bike gear because that was mentally difficult. Spent my time watching the Island House Triathlon 2015 coverage and the Rio Men's Triathlon from this summer.

Swim: 2:45, 5900 yd
Bike: 1:00:00
Run: 40:00. 4 miles

Next Week's Goals: keep up my 3x swim, but increase bike and run totals. Rediscover my love of running again.

My birthday is here, and I'm a little closer to thirty than twenty. The biggest thing that I learned is to live in the moment: to buy the bike, book the vacation, climb the mountain, and to open up the good bottle of wine (and to use the fancy dinner plates). Life is too short to keep waiting for a "special" occasion--any day can be special.

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