Half Ironman Training Week 1- modified

9:58 PM

I had my Training Peaks plan all squared away and then became ridiculously ill for the next two weeks. It felt like a bad case of seasonal allergies mixed with the onset of a very bad chest cold. So, all things considered, I'm so happy to be back into the swing of things (with limitations).

Monday 11/7: 10 minute run. Difficult to breathe. Very slow. Embarrassingly slow. A little weight training: focus was on lifting heavier than a few weeks ago (ha!) and I can feel the most benefit coming from the leg press and lat pull downs. However, I know that I want to incorporate more core work than the plan calls for, so I have some ideas that I'll work on in the upcoming week. The weather has been heating up tremendously (high 80-90F temps with wind gusts and low humidity) and it's making me feel worse on the illness recovery side of things.

Tuesday 11/8: Swim practice. Warm up, drills, and main set of 2x400 (7:45ish) descending, 4x100 (1:55) best average, 2x200 descending (3:50?). After two weeks of nothing, my arms hurt and my lungs were burning. Managed to hold on until my post-swim shower + put on work clothes before I got to the car and fumbled for my inhaler. Wonderful. All things considered, it was nice being back into the usual AM routine and seeing my fellow swim friends. The two week absence really wore me out and I worried about returning to swim too soon.

Wednesday 11/9:  20 minute run. Slightly better but very fatigued. Easy pace (10:30 mile pace) with Greg. It was tough waking up early after staying up late watching the election coverage, but the view was worth it.

Thursday 11/10: Rested, no swim practice in the AM but did a PM swim session: drills (400 focus on form and kick with fins), main set of 2x200 descending (3:47), 4x100 hard (1:50 avg), 8x50 hard (:50 avg). It was a little cooler that evening (finally!) and we got into the deep end of the pool after I got off work. Tested out my new Funkita swim suit (!!) and new TYR goggles (same model, just a new pair because my old ones were pretty foggy). Both fit wonderfully and I'm really digging the pink/blue color pairing lately.

Friday 11/11: OFF. Woke up early and was still beat up from last night's workout, so we took advantage of the free time (and payday!) and visited our favorite coffee spot. It was heating up already, so I got the largest iced coffee that they offered. Worked all day, then met Greg's parents for dinner and visited for a little while. A little homemade lasagna and cookies hit the spot.

Half Ironman Test Set Weekend!
Saturday 11/12: Half Ironman Test set: TT x2. Warm up, 5 min TT (21.5 mph), 10 min recovery, 20 min TT (17 mph), cool down. The first set had a slight tailwind, and the second had a strong headwind and a definitely hard effort. It was ugly.

Sunday 11/13: Half Ironman Test set: 500 TT. Warm up descending 50's (4x50), descending 400's (2x400--7:59 and 7:51), 500 TT (9:45), easy 100, descending 300 (1x300), easy 100. Drills and cooldown ~100. 500 TT average was 1:57/100 yd which is great because in my previous test sets at swim practice it was in the 2:05-2:10 range. I learned how to swim two years ago, so it's very encouraging to see my progress.

Full disclosure: I had a run TT scheduled but I honestly was so tired. Putting that on the books for Monday morning, we'll see about that...

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