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It's been a crazy last few months: the excitement of Oceanside, setting myself up for serious pain at Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon, deferring Dina La Vigna Breath of Life Oly to next year after some recurring ITBS/Patellofemoral issues, and feeling generally overwhelmed with everything. My job situation had changed considerably with a sudden promotion and numerous responsibilities. The entire rest of my life took a backseat. Through my work connections, I started riding with a local cycling group Adobo Velo--notorious for long, challenging routes with lots of climbing.

Finished up the Mulholland climb

After a record-setting month of August, it was time to switch gears this September. I took some time off to race in San Luis Obispo with Greg and his brother, and we had a great time visiting his family along the Central Coast.
Inaugural SLO Ultra Trail Run

I "convinced" (errr, registered) Greg for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. He's a nursing school graduate waiting to take his boards, so I thought he should have a nice distraction. Plus, he's been my race support for the last couple of years and it was now his turn.
Pre-race expo!
He absolutely crushed the swim and bike: 2nd in his division for the swim, 6th for the bike. The run conditions were brutally hot and it was exciting to see him at the finish line.

Next on the list is Carpinteria. It was my first race two years ago, and I remember having a complete panic attack in the water and having a lifeguard give me a pep talk to keep going! This weekend should be a great return to racing.

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