Happy Birthday!

11:09 PM

The best early birthday present, hands down has been my invitation to come back for another year with SOAS Racing! It has been an adventure, and I am incredibly grateful to be part of a fantastic group of ladies from around the world.

Sunday 11/15: Bike 70 minutes, trainer workout. Focused on form. Had an epic PCH ride planned, BUT it suddenly became rainy and windy. No thanks.

Monday 11/16: Run 30 minutes, treadmill. Avg pace 10:00. Recovery run.

Tuesday 11/17: Bike 60 minutes (16 miles), stationary bike during my lunch. Cranked up the resistance and pedaled as hard as I could, for as long as possible.

Wednesday 11/18: Swim 1400m, lots of drills and some speed sets mixed in. I felt really discouraged and that I could do absolutely nothing right. My form was off, stroke was horrendous, and I kept trying to incorporate Greg's feedback but it just wasn't clicking. I questioned my entire existence while staring at that damn stripe at the bottom of the pool.

Thursday 11/19: OFF. Worked through my lunch. Started my birthday celebration early with my boss and coworker. So much chocolate cake, so little time.

Friday 11/20: Run 42 minutes, treadmill. Avg pace 9:55, tried to keep it at a conservative 60-75% effort. It's still so early in the season, and my biggest mistake this year was piling on the miles and the speed right from the start. After spending the 9 months working through some IT band issues AND patellofemoral pain syndrome (hence the tape job on my knee cap for my season opener this past June!), I finally got smart and gave myself a break. It's the best thing that I've ever done.

On a personal note, I'm turning 25 tomorrow and it feels like a good place.

I ventured into my twenties with a lot of issues. Those were dark times. And I cannot believe how much I have grown.

Today, Greg woke me up and helped make my lunch while I got ready for work. Kissed him goodbye and drove to work. Got there early, wrote thank you cards to my boss and coworker for all my birthday festivities, and prepped for my morning patients. Went for a run on my lunch. Had a relaxed afternoon and a lot of easygoing patients. I got done early, and closed up the office. Called my mother. Talked to my sister. Went home and had my favorite meal made by Greg. Settled down on the couch and looked at property and plans for a house in a few years. Dreamed about my next career move. Cried--because I never thought I could get to this place of stability and peace.

It's going to be a good year. I can feel it.

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